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Menstrual Pain Relief Patches By South Moon™

Menstrual Pain Relief Patches By South Moon™

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Brand Name:  South Moon™

Name: Menstrual Pain Relief Patches

Function: Relieve menstrual discomfort

8pc: Menstrual Cramp Relieve, Abdominal Heating, Herbal Patch 


Have all your needs met, as these healing patches functions as a heating pad, hand warmer, or chemical warmer

Master crafting and genius innovation has brought you menstrual cramp relief patches By South Moon™. The smooth cream is a natural and eco friendly formula that has the delicate, nurturing touch of mother nature that softly soothes discomfort and pain. whether you have a menstrual cramp, pelvic cramp or abdominal spasm, you will no longer feel a thing.

Very portable, discreet, and comfortable. You can take them anywhere. Except for relieving cramps, you can hardly feel their existence!



Gross weight: 18g 

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