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Menstrual Pain Relief: Heating Pad Velvet By Benni Cap™

Menstrual Pain Relief: Heating Pad Velvet By Benni Cap™

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Brand: Benni Cap™

Material: ABS + Deer Velvet
Color: Pink
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Charging Time: About 3-4 Hours
Use Time: About 2 Hours


~ Durable but soft

~ Intelligent, innovative design

~ Medicinal Deer Velvet

~ Heats quickly, only 5 seconds

~ Intelligent constant temperature control

~ Three-level adjustable vibration

~ Three-level adjustable hot compress.

~ Far-infrared physiotherapy

~ No harmful radiation

~ Massage acupuncture points

~ Fundamentally relieve pain

~ Warm the and protect the waist

~ Take care of health.

~ 3D vibration massage

~ Deeply soothes abdominal muscles

~ Automatically massages surrounding acupoints

~ Effectively acts on deep muscles and ~promotes blood circulation.

~ One-click to start

~ Click to switch the hot compress mode

~ Choose the appropriate temperature.

~ Effectively relieve menstrual pain

~ Effectively relieve lower back pain and indigestion.

~ Can be charged via USB/computer/power bank/car.


Package Contents
1 x Warming Belt
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual

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