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Tongue Rejuvenator By Benni Cap™

Tongue Rejuvenator By Benni Cap™

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Brand Name: Benni Cap™



Color: Silver, Rose Gold

Product packaging:  scrapers, spoons, cases

Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Functional Design: Use to scrape the tongue coating, clean the mouth, remove bad breath, restore taste to taste buds

Steps for usage:

  1. Use tongue scraper after brushing and flossing to fully rejuvenate your mouth and taste buds, use the tongue scraper to gently scrape
  2. Rinse tongue and mouth with water & mouth wash after scraping

Solve the problem:

  1. The tongue holds bacteria like a rug and can cause bad breath if not treated 
  2. Food residues (long-term uncleaning is harmful to the oral cavity)
  3. Severe discoloration (social occasions affect the image)
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