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Benni Cap Beauty

Menstrual Pain Relief: Heating Pad Light By Benni Cap™

Menstrual Pain Relief: Heating Pad Light By Benni Cap™

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Brand NameBenni Cap™ 

Material: Synthetic fiber

Power: 50W & Under

Type: A7H71



-Three gear heating and vibrational therapy

Gear One: the temperature is around 45℃

Gear Two: the temperature is around 55℃

Gear Three:, the temperature is around 65℃


- Works quietly under your clothing and won't distract you from daily activities. Stays secure. Helps eliminate and ease discomfort, so you can live your best, pain free, and happy life. 

- You can easily wear it at anytime and wear it anywhere, no matter the weather or occasion.   if you are suffering from menstrual cramps, you won't be any longer. 

- Flexible band that will contour to the natural curves of your body. Discreet and comfortable. No one will even notice, not even you! All you will notice is your pain disappear.



Color: Pink+Grey

Size: about 34 x 12 x 0.2 cm

Power source: USB

Power: 5W

Heating temperature: 45°

Rated voltage: DC5V

Temperature control range: 45°-60°

Package including:

1x belt (heating + vibration)

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